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The Mistress Of Wisdom (Ereb Altor)

A castle that holds goodness and wealth Stands tall at the shore In the land of the hammer A mistress of wisdom so bright And knowledge so fair She Rules without fear And without any despair A castle of darkness at the other side of the river With all of the trees tied to the blood Of the dark lady of total deceit With a hunger for trophies She sweeps through the lands to retrieve Damned are the ones brave in their heart Who disobeys her command In a gathering of power the two mighty ones Finally have to meet Darkness and greed is nothing compared To the wisdom and knowledge she said The light is too strong for the dark to prevail Deprived of her pride her defeat Degraded she crawl back to her chamber Biding her time in the shadows A seed of hate is starting to grow Practice her dark arts to gain strength The trees that she once gave her blood to be grown Withered away to the ground Strengthened her power and clouded her mind Vengeance is all that she seeks Hate has been growing in the past seven years Building an army of darkness The white mistress hear the sound of the steel The sound of war inside the castle walls Her inner eye can see The day has come The day of misfortune She burn all the corners of her castle to fall Upon the white horse she ride Escape from the darkness and flames The winter so long tearing her skin A ride from her home never to return The river she must cross Warriors of the dark is at her heals The breaking of the ice on a river so fierce Seals her destiny, the world is in tears