Thus A Viking Dies (Folkodia)

See me as I lay, Amongst my fallen brothers... Our swords are dim now, Our shields shattered on the ground- The light has fled our eyes, Our hearts shall pound no more In this here world... This is how a Viking dies: On the field of glorious war- He stood fast to the very end, By the sword he earned his fame! This is how a Viking dies: Besides the bodies of fallen foes, On shores that lie may miles away From home and hearth, away from the North! Fight to the end-hail the gods! Thus a Viking dies and yet His spirit shall forever dwell In Valhalla's golden hall Side by side with gods he feasts! The Einherjer await for him, His seat is long prepared At all-father's dining table: The Einherjer raise him a toast Who fought and died like they did! "I now live in the dream Of fair Valkyries, I now walk on fields In Asgard evergreen; My blood flows gold, My eyes see afar Like those of the eagle Who now soars with me! In Odin's court I dwell, In the shining hall That lies 'cross the bridge Guarded by Heimdall 'Till the time is come And he sounds his horn Calling me to arms, To do battle anon!"