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Tough Luv (Young Gunz)

I swear to hold you down for as long as we both shall live I never made a move without ya, my homie that's just how it is Now we need each other more than ever, don't leave me by myself.. Young Chris... (check it) Young Neef.. Together for ever, Neef & C I give a fuck how y'all feel but that's real to me! Let's do whatever it takes to find our way to find a way, to find a way (2x) I would turn green, from me...being in trenches Him, livin adventurous...not worryin about expenditures Think back, I never left the premesses 24/7 on corner, now let's remember this After school, you wrote your rhymes while I sat in your crib One of the first niggaz you let in your crib Moms treated me like a son since day one Thinkin 'bout how she talking bout she can't wait til that day come The thing about that, I weren't even thinkin bout rap Til I met you and thank you for that And now you got us lookin like Jaz & Jay T-Mac and Carter Neef, gotta work harder Neef Shit...we runnin with S. Carter Neef Dame & Biggs, get on your game my nig The whole clique feel the same my nig So don't think cuz I'm ahead of you I changed my nig Let's do whatever it takes to find our way to find a way, to find a way (4x) Now we got rich athletes that practice evr'day Look at Hov, seem him in action everyday He still at it, sold 5 million, still practicin You still with me? Units is movin...they still yappin homie And I came into this game on your back and your game ain't intact And I'm tryin to do my thang All I wanna know is if you tryin to do the same I feel like I could do without you, at the same time I can't Cuz at the same time it'll hurt Ain't no shame in our game but our moms'll be hurt Dreams of being stars, a lotta niggaz ?? If you can't do it for us, do it for Ms. Kim Plus we promised both our mommas that we would You know if we break that promise, it'll break they little hearts Let's get this album out, and try to make it to the charts Time for us to see the light, we done made it through the dark homie Let's do whatever it takes to find our way to find a way, to find a way The kid back in the zone, killin them songs I'm back to my old self, C I'm 'bout to prove em wrong Cuz in the past, a lotta shit been fucked up Like when you hear Young Chris and don't hear Neef Buck Young Gunna I got ya.. But you hatas gonna make me snap, cock back and red dot ya Face it, ya can't tie my laces Now I got the game mapped, plus I want my spot back We together forever, these niggaz can't stop that Do it for who? I do it for you! Let's be for real homeboy, they not our crew And since we talkin facts, it's really just us two (Whoo) And I know you feel the same when you're signed But you couldn't even ride cuz I wasn't on my job Don't never ever think I left your side Never T-mac and Carter C, Man you a part of me Brother from another, even though my momma loved you like her own Let's do this rap shit and just move on I just thought I was passin a baton, lettin you kill them songs Now I feel I'm all wrong God forbid this rap shit'll don't even work out Still know the Coke route, still get our moms out And that's a promise we could never break C you never changed, don't be dogged... that was my mistake But don't worry, we gon get this in a hurry Young Chris, Young Neef; Tough Luv til we bury