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Room 1716 (Until Rain)

One rainy night I drove alone, Was on my way to combat zone Seems that an evil curse was chasing me That for years I had ignored A curse produced by a wicked priest Back to the days when I was young And it stains you Feels like you're going insane Things never gonna be the same If you're trying to hide Only I can seal your mind Mesmerize and seduce the crowd Push them all to praise god loud Hypnotize them blind their eyes On promised afterlife heaven skies It hunts you hard until it takes you down Face your fate No other way Can't turn around Just another step before my grave Blood everywhere, can't stand this pain Just a little bit before I say It's getting late My vision's gone But I will stay alive Only for tonight Oh please don't go, don't leave I ain't dead I'm asleep Can't you hear my screams? Don't give up on me Can someone tell me what i'm doing here? Oh, someone wake me from this awful sleep I don't like it here, in 1716 Gets cold at nights and there's no one here When I writhe and twist never When I sweat and rip my skin And when voices in my side Whisper in my ear "come to me, come to the reign of dreams” Doctors speak of a girl I killed How could I know I can't recall a thing! How did she die, did she die? I'll never know, in this state I'm in, I cannot grieve for her Countless shrieks in melancholy themes Rolling lost upon my highway of death Women, children, all‘ve been cast to hell Said, I can't go there you ask me too much Got to show the world Ought to know what's going on And now it's taking me down I feel the space spinning round For the last time I saw the sun touching the ground Midnight falling until sunrise, It brings the hollow dawn Father, amen, save me now!