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Crown Royal (Anuhea)

This is a love song about a king A twisted love that leaves me kneeling I try time and again to turn him away but the lights and the music and the vibe make him stay, oh Im knee-deep in agony Why do you torture me? I know it's only a void you're filling But I've fallen in love with a king Ive fallen in love with a king Preventing me from achieving my dreams I wouldn't even let an enemy suffer through his schemes He sets me up to let me down every morning He wastes my time and money makes me not say what I mean You wear your crown so royally Dressed in purple majesty With no intention for love intensity, I've fallen in love with a king It seems like when I need relief, you always come and around and make it nicer Your'e so nice hey yeah When morning comes I feel so dumb I realize it's not the way to cope with the pain It's driving me crazy To see the spiral down and now I just wanted to wear your crown and feel like the queen that I'm meant to be Won't somebody, anybody, help me?