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Breathe Slow (Mars Ill)

(Verse 1) It's the beginning of the 9th inning and I'm winning, you'll find me mind- bending inside of each five-minute time limit, and it's documented, we're breaking bones of contention, fine tuning what's spinning and expanding my dominion, these upper-handed dimensions all contributed to the folklore, got rappers raising their standards, fans demanding what they'd hoped for, cramming letters in a bottle. We'll just call it a test tube, my style is Aristotle mixed with Krush Groove (So Just Move!) and watch my verses cut through when you hear the words I Love You, break off a piece of my heard tucked into every record groove and you'll walk different in these corrective shoes, but you'll recognize the revolution and act out what most don't get to do, you'll take what's meant for you, no longer survive on what they pass down, win or lose, you'll live your life knowing you never backed down,'cause man shall not live by the bottle alone, I keep a fist raised to the sky so you can follow me home, it goes? (Hook) If you know like we know, BREATHE SLOW, BREATHE SLOW?(repeat) (Verse 2) Until my body cracks the pavement and shakes the face of the basement, lacing the foundation with scars that sacrifice is bound to leave, break inner-city boundaries so suburbanites are down to see, this cultural way of life and how music is more than sound to me, but freedom's lungs are heavy from pushing these smoke signals out, and we've become so disillusioned that we're scared to notice, the eviction notice speaking its clout with screams and shouts, but trust me, clarity's waiting there on the other side of your focus, so snatch the breath from blasphemy emphatically, transform naturally, control the art before it masters me, Breathe Slow and hold the hand of whoever you can reach for, touch the ones you've never seen before 'til the common good is restored, 'til the homeless are all execs and capitalism yields to ethics, 'til janitors live in mansions and school teachers can push a Lexus, 'til beef is deaded and debt is erased or collected, 'til the projects and country clubs are now and forever connected, I'll speak my messages 'til they get it, until you're touched by something sacred and love is all that you're left with, blessed is the head that shares the crown that he possesses, consider yourselves my brethren and this song is my confession, 'cause man shall not live by the bottle alone, I keep a fist raised to the sky so you can follow me home, and all your problems can't be solved by one call on the phone, I keep a fist raised to the sky so you can follow me home, it goes? (Hook) (Verse 3) Right before you rock a show, BREATHE SLOW, when a promoter owes you dough, BREATHE SLOW, when your career doesn't blow[up], BREATHE SLOW, you bounced five checks in a row, BREATHE SLOW, if you're tired of being po, BREATHE SLOW, you can't see the status quo, BREATHE SLOW, you got more cons than pros, BREATHE SLOW, you got fisticuffs to throw, BREATHE SLOW, Ayo, your boss told you no, BREATHE SLOW, say Mars ILL told you so, BREATHE SLOW, you gotta suffer to grow, BREATHE SLOW, shine your light until you glow, "BREATHE SLOW" (Hook)