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Compound Fractures (Mars Ill)

[Verse 1: sintaxtheterrific] I'm a patriarch b-boy breaking bones in the park After dark, my blows like body rock the beat within your heart I've been sent to set apart, make the swift leg lame Touch my hand to your hip to cripple physical frames I'm braining body handicapping snapping judgment just the same Entertain to leave ya'll limping pimping strut with a cane The pain is incidental pencil spit in sentence fragments Character gets crushed like catching hands in kitchen cabinets Be breaking bad habits, turn the table on them Manufacture compound fractures with the stroke of my pen Sintax has spoken to men (kid gets me open within) I leave you broken like Ken Swift doing cranial spins Soul bend and break men sending bones through the skin When words are fresh I'm ripping flesh, paper sheets or melanin I tend to pop limbs out of joint with the points I make Your soul's without control like overweights on roller skates Correct mistakes, Sintax deflates fake over-inflated egos On beaches in Brazil screaming, "Just Say No To Speedos!!" In suburbs telling white kids they look stupid wearing corn rows In Hugh Hefner's mansion tape recording over pornos There's hurt before the healing and wreck before the rescue Dirt before the cleansing and dark before the view Wrong before redemption, hip-hop to break your neck Cuz God gives us life to live once we got no life left [Hook] [Verse 2: manCHILD] Mind, body and soul heir squares off in circles Tear kicks and snares to pieces and shreds while breaking bread Bred to break you, no mistake dude, take 2 fake crews Deepspace you to your face too, like an earthquake when I make moves Leave you naked like He made you to longer hide things Masked as bright schemed politics from the left or the right wing Spiked words do the right thing, lust for chicks in tight jeans But it's all obviously faker than a Van Damme fight scene Your mind's a white screen, the underworld's projecting pipe dreams Wise mic fiends contact you with bone cracking fractures Sintaxtheterrific spits rage amaze-on Just to warn you cool cats the thin ice that you skate on Levels dangerous like radon, laced with syntactical blows Expose heads like photos to Jehovah, broken at His feet Rock hard like concrete to glorify the Most High? Regardless, I rip flawlessly raw like e-coli I've been told I ran wild, but still my die hard fans smile For that drop-you-where-you-stand style, soul heir the manCHILD I AM stands miles above the current lifestyle that you've chosen Sounds ill but you'll be whole once you're broken