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Lump Sum (Mars Ill)

Dear Dad, the class began, hands were held and arms were open Moments stolen from the globe and life's blood was always spoken One was chosen for another. Broke my will against your wisdom Pushed my face towards the light so I could cultivate the vision Made decisions for the unit. Hard times, you moved us through it By each word and every movement, you're the one who showed me what truth is Thanks for the blueprint passed down. I'll grip it by the cover Plus you showed me how to love my wife by the way you treat my mother And Mom, you sacrificed your body, scarred beneath the weight To usher my soul into the universe, human contact, you were first Through the worst I had to offer, caught his mercy in your stare You were there. Patched my wounds an protected me with your prayers Gave me food when I was hungry. Gave me love when I was empty Gave me a look of knowing solitude when I said where God would send me Thanks for the days and the nights, the laughter and the fights Teaching me wrong from right, Mom, the first woman in my life To my brother, thanks for the beatdowns and the harassment In you I learned to express my views with heated passion Followed your footsteps good or bad, so please get the facts straight My big brother introduced me to this and gave me my first rap tape I watched you grow up, thrive, prosper and self destruct Find the jewel in circumstances that sucked but still you stuck A husband and a father, a brother and a son Kevin, I'm so proud of the man that you've become Pam, Jeff, Billy, Cliff, Paine, David, Terry, Chris, Ricky The names stick with me, the names stick with me Jason Lee, Ben Heaton, Josh Cleveland, Eric Sartain Trent Gibson saw the best and the worst I've ever given Sintax, I'd bend back the sky and shift the balance I thank you for your strong mind, your friendship and your talent Your example to all that witness 'cause there's no "I" in crew You inspire me brother 'cause I can see Christ in you Dust, where to start? The art's answer to my question Blessed from lessons together that's always led to progression This profession needs your genius to show cats what it's about You keep making the music and I'll keep running my mouth Playdough, Harry Krum, enough heart for every alias Thanks for helping me carry the torch as we take these kids Listener, Illtripp, Fred B, Recon Rabbi, Manuel, Sev Statik and Sivion It's on until we change the face and finish what we started I'm thankful that you're all a part of this Yeah it's on until we change expression, finish what we started Deepspace5, it's never stopping Mary, I don't have the words to get across my feelings I breathe a purer form of oxygen when I'm staring at your face I can rise above my limits and break through this vaulted ceiling I'm a better man today because you occupy my space I hit the road, you hold it down and shun the glory I'll be the mouthpiece for your heart and I'll tell the world our story Thanks for bearing our children. Thanks for sharing your life Thanks for saying, "Yes," May. Thanks for being my wife To my daughters and all unborn and future seeds I look at the world through your eyes and you always help me see Inspiration in your innocence and the future in your face I write these songs so I can make your world a better place And that's all to say that all that I am is a collection of souls That God has used to touch me. Changed a reflection Made a man from a simple stick-figure And if I've ever met you, then you helped him paint the picture.. (3x)