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Mars Ill (Mars Ill)

[Verse 1:] Put reverb on my vocals, I don't want to repeat myself Like no one else before or after on the grill of the mic Mars ILL, in the still of the night when the feeling is right Look through the eyes of a planet, grip my pen and I write For the children I fight, with force of millions I strike But those willing to bite are winning the spotlight It's not right. You feed the multitudes with 7 years of famine Musical mentors span from Hanson to Marilyn Manson I illuminate the path of the righteous when I'm lampin Hip-hop's dope from the inside, How's it look from where you're standin? Need a stand-in? Get your hand in, there's no real need for talent Today's heads are overentertained and underchallenged Keep it balanced the words you say behind the doors of where you stay The sanctuary of your cage to the safety of the stage Turn the page like Robert Plant and plant my feet on better days Emcees who slept for days, you know they must be swept away Far and away, few and far between what's dope and classic song Where fly and fresh are automatic, that's exactly where I'm from From beat breaks to the realms of deepspace where stars chill The new edition, bump John Gill, it's Mars ILL. [Verse 2:] Keep your finger on the pulse of ink pumping through my veins Thumbing through the pain, running in the seventh lane The bane of my existence derails my train of thought I bait the hook for the resistance, hope and pray that they'll get caught Ought not step to my cypher, or get removed like a tumor Crash in the sea of inexperience like JFK Jr Sooner than Oklahoma, known to bomb your whole persona On the works of God I meditate to break the way you wanna Smoke your marijuana cash crop, move product on the blacktop A genocidal backdrop, and cats still give you mad props Track stops, rock on upon the rock beyond Imagination's strongest station, frequency so you'll respond I'm there for you to lean on like Morgan Freemon Cooler than some freon, light up the mic device like neon My word, it be bond, so Satan can simply be gone El Shaddai commissioned, attack mission be three pronged Go back and forth like ping pong with Dust the elusive And sing songs of hope for the abused plus the abusive Recruited to martyred on the cross of mass appeal Mars ILL, here to redefine how music makes you feel