Next Door (Mars Ill)

[Verse #1] If the eyes are the windows of the soul, then the mouth is the door Where the pieces exit freely way beyond your control And they're not yours anymore. Walk tall in bent stride And propaganda lies on the gentle side of genocide Words are used, broken, twisted and misquoted The gossip was probably true the first time somebody told it And slander's just a well-intentioned public exposition That should have been handled man to man as something different The bum decisions are done and repeated like that Bite my tongue in half as an example of how to fight back Write raps and raise a family. Build with the like-minded Honor hides itself in strange faces. I'm always glad to find it I'm reminded of the wonder of this world in which we live How we kill ourselves to have but find freedom when we give Climb reason and forgive in a quest for all that is I'm standing right beside you 'cause this is where I live [Hook] I'm the voice in the distance, the image in the foreground Don't have much, but what's mine is yours now Can't put your finger on it, but you've seen me around Wherever you're at, I'm just a couple doors down [Repeat] [Verse #2] It's like 4 in the morning and I'm still here Wasn't 'til 3:45 that I started thinking clear Concern, anger, sadness, and now my heart is blinking tears Take these necessary steps to my art can reach my peers I've abused my voice so much that it's hard to sing this year And my own songs can't echo in my set of ringing ears Pages filled top to bottom with confidence and stinging fear That no one understands what I speak and they can't hear So I'll say it twice as loud and I'll mean every word Can't keep it in my mouth until their peace is disturbed From the least to the first, we can see where you hurt And we dedicate this now, every beat, every verse Every breath, every thought, every prayer, every stage Every show, every moment, every night, every day Everything that we say and everything that we do It's dedicated to you. It's dedicated to you... [Hook] [Verse #3] The moments that I'm walking through affect the way I talk to you And this is what I'm called to do. It's almost like I'm stalking you You're tired of falling through the cracks from all the broken promises And it's tough to hear the voice of reason through these busted monitors And as honest as I am, I can't hide behind the façade I just wanna bring my people a little closer to God If I'm martyred on MARTA, it was probably my time But we're here now, hands on, transforming your mind So if I ask you how you're doing, don't smile and say, "Fine." 'Cause it's written all over your face honey, and I ain't blind Me and mine, we spill our guts, 'cause without it, we'd go nuts The music is therapeutic, so just let it pick you up And hold you tight. Move a little closer to the light Be careful when you listen 'cause it might just change your life And when you see me in the supermarket, just smile and say, "Hello." And add me to the list of all the people that you know... [Hook]