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Sideline Speech (Mars Ill)

[Verse 1: Manchild] I got these blind musicians watching me listen to their songs And I think they're catching on there's a chance that I might not belong They got it wrong behind the rabid barks for justice Where you can support the cause from where the movement never touches Dearly beloved, I can see the devastation so clearly And the night sky protects me when I'm running with the moon I wanna help the lepers, I just don't want their sickness near me I guess if you can't sing the song, you can try to hum the tune I got these dues I'm paying and I guess I'm almost even When I was stepping to the A.M., I could have sworn I caught y'all sleeping I rhyme for a reason beyond the regional limits that block them My double-sided tongue is sharp and it can't be boxed in They're caught between some rock rap fusion garbage And a hard place to taste the truth and everybody makes do HEY YOU! Yeah, I'm sorry, you don't get to play today But after my crew wins the game, you can soak the coach with Gatorade It's safe to say you're a ways away from the action Your image is imaginary and this song is love-tapping you on the shoulder And asking, "Is this what you had planned?" While I'm slapping 'em senseless, you can feel free to bystand... [Hook] Can't really see from the cheap seats. Can't hear unless you listen Can't get on the field and play if you don't got the right equipment Can't hear what you're saying unless you step up to the mic Wanna see life? Well this is what it looks like Can't see from the cheap seats. Can't hear unless you listen Can't get on the field and play if you don't got the right equipment Can't hear what you're saying unless you step up to the mic Wanna see life? Well this is what it sounds like... [Verse 2: Manchild] Conspiracy theorist backpackers, you don't have to run any faster The government's not really after you, kiddo, you're just a rapper But slave masters to exist, so point at them and wave your fist Media's agenda becomes the mark on your head and plus your wrist This is just in case you doubted that Mars ILL was about it We linked with Bigg Justoleum for this public service announcement You are not your outfit or the car that you drive Commercials keep you needing what you don't really need to survive You grow sedated, addicted to a lifestyle Planned parents become barren, juggling a choice and a child Of course it's a trial to speak loud and walk straight I've found a voice is a terrible thing to waste Wake Up! Take up your cross-section of the populace and follow You're not promised tomorrow So just move, move, we can't stop speaking until they all know We're not promised tomorrow... [Hook] [Verse 3: Bigg Jus] Seminal mimicry trickery gloomy cavalry garrisons Who battle charlatans who love night targeting The faintest comparison imbalancement crucially embarrassing So woefully inadequate Staring at other rhyme ancient and tailored so massive Armchair quarterback chemical ali HAZMAT You're just a little boy in a bubble with unrealistic dreams of a rap body double And rhyming as a meal-ticket That's why this culture got you lovesick Born word eternal, life orbit, Keebler elf timing Couldn't even flow on beat if the kick and snares were color coded With dreams of a new bullet-proof 7 all dubs and silvery But you lack any bass in your voice, cadence or delivery And there's already been two Agatha Christie unsolved rapper murder mysteries Don't let the sharks smell the bloody chum in the water And start a feeding frenzy Sometimes I feeling like I'm in an underground purgatory Trapped between materialistic playa gunfire And suburban nerdy voice, funny voice falsetto War prone with a howitzer patrolling the 33rd parallel rhyming no fly zones With homeland security all tainted and corrupted If you ain't coming with that '88 Daddy Kane R-A-W Like it was on the eve of destruction Trust me, don't even touch it Or get left on the side of the road and circled by buzzards Or fossilized in some tar pit We call it craps now they be triple and doubling it Ever since Tupac's style gave birth to quintuplets Biting is not a birthright, you starry eyed chipmunk Gazing in the 18-wheeler headlights, waiting for the collision Soccer-mommy waste of battle ammunition So younguns, we lop 'em off earlier than circumcision Stay hidden, Jiminy Crickets and all is forgiven This was craft worked at Dust's crib Then manchild slid to haunted gorilla silver back mountain lion of Judah These bear paws hide zirconium claws made for pouncing Even though I don't eat meat anymore It's just order of selection prototype MC's look tasty like melon, tofu and curry rice. Mmmmmm Succulent with the slightest hint of lime Way up in the nosebleed seats with torn ACL's on the sidelines Coming rougher than one time with colorful things that go bump in the night And magical 180 reverse suplex clotheslines You need to slow down and think twice You ain't a risk taker with the flow. You're a risk taker with your life... [Hook]