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The Calm Before (Mars Ill)

[Verse #1] I left my footprints on the ocean's waves before the storm came But form changed to man overboard sinking self-aware Thinking no one's there to catch me when I fall to the sandy floor beneath the coral reef I pray the Lord my soul to keep. he holds the deep in his palm And simultaneously, he gives his hand to me The salty sea that made my eyes to weep is now beneath my feet With concrete stability, steps I take to moves made critically Peripheral at a standstill as Divinity makes his presence felt physically It's miraculous but true. It's all for you But the fact is that modern man is scared to death and torn in two Because the truth draws him higher, undercurrent holds him down Afraid he'll drown, he forgets those pieces of peace he might have found Well at least he struggles 'cause to stroll too easily through those puddles Lulls you to sleepy dreamscapes where your sensibilities are muddled And I know that if he seeks God, he'll recognize him when he sees Him And he'll realize whose hands he needs to be in.. [Verse #2] When disaster strikes the field, the likes of them head for the hills To regroup their bearings on their enemy 'til they're ready, dressed to kill "It's better to feel safe than live in fear." I ask 'em, "Why is that?" They responded, "We need stability in this comfortable habitat." "So send the lower middle-class to the front lines, their death will protect us." "We'll talk loud and hide behind our penthouses and brand new Lexus." "It affects us to a point. Didn't you see the stock market crash?" "We couldn't sacrifice our buying power. Tell me, how smart is that?" I said, I saw the blast, heard the crash of lives shattered to pieces Saw a street preached yelling loud and holding a sign about Jesus I agreed and kept walking because I'm not quite sure what to do I tried to front and talk a lot of patriotism, same as you But the ideas ain't really new, see genocide, it happens globally We just get shook up when it happens locally So, love one another and be wise. Don't foster malice In the name of revenge for Country until your soul turns callous, soul turns callous.. [Verse #3] Before the world premiere of dawn light switched on and day broke through Before the sky was blue, before any big-bang or primordial ooze Before man stepped on the scene in his prowess unprepared for the challenge Before the planets were set in place to hold the galaxies in the balance Before time, before reason, rhyme, love, hate and emotion Before the seasons, before the first word was spoken or heart was broken Before defiance turned to evil revolt and all Hell broke loose Before any creature would even dare to contradict his point of view He was there, God, triune, omnipotent, controlling existence Before people claimed to serve the Crucified was a slave religion Before the fall of Adam imprisoned descendants with original scars Before you were born of your mother to try to figure out just who you are Before war and confusion, before reality, before illusion Before the beginning, Elohim had mapped out all the conclusions Before the restitution to come that Revelation promises all of us Not Nostradamus' blind predictions through delusional blurred vision The calm came before the storm with power to kill The calm is present now and it lives within me still The calm is present now and it lives within me still The Calm is present now and he lives within me still..