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Touch And Go (Mars Ill)

[Chorus:] Heads rush and faces blush when the fader gets touched There's not much time to rhyme and sometimes it's not enough Touch mics, touch Christ, when we speak life through songs It's tough to touch lives and then to have to move on [Verse:] I'm breaking the monotony, give heads frontal lobotomies My melody is harmony, thoughts darker than mahogany I'm letting the rhythm hit 'em with pendulum swings I'm thinking Break the maximum down to minimum, these battles, I'll keep winnin 'em Vocal ships I'm sinking, sendin 'em home with pink slips Taking their jobs in the interim, sign autographs with ink tips Delinquent micro-marathon, the dawn of information Hyperventilating on smoke signals from my nation Pacing myself like Reggie Miller while I'm taking Shots at the oppressors, politicians, pimps and pagans Breaking promises to children only leads to broken dreams We take it back to the beginning and stay fly by any means It's like a chemical reaction when we enter your subliminal In NC-17, Restricted, PG, or General Collapse your ventricle, you'll live again, begin again Call your Congressman in Washington, say, "it's not about the Benjamins!" It's interesting, they start what they don't intend on finishing They think nobody's listening, they're screaming like Sam Kennison Remebering my rent, I stretch my pennies to a nickel My mind drifts to Galgotha to see the man in the middle See some are fickle, they stick you, shoot you down like a pistol Grip, grapple mics like a shackle, down and ready for battle I dabble in what you like, extend the boundaries of sound Dialect with derelicts and give the homeless a pound In all this found fans and I hope they understand Does the man control the mic or does the mic control the man In all this found fans and I pray you understand Does the man control the mic or does the mic control the man?