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Secrets Of The Night (Mis-Teeq)

Theres something we gotta tell ya - we're not like other girls, Shape the light and away we go. Midnight dim the light-gonna be a full moon tonight (hey) Gonna cause a lot of rage alright (alright) I can see a lot of prey inside, knock knock check the locks Better stay inside cos we cant be stoped (cant be stoped) Tick tock better watch the clock, hearts racing cos we're feeling hot We're creatures of the night, so dont be fooled by our shape or size We're coming after you so hide And if you have any other plans you'd better forget about it A body, needs more and more, cant sleep, till i get it all, The streets ain't safe any more dont speak, cant hear you call So sweat, but dangerous you'll see if your curious Better believe the secrets of the night Better believe, better belive On track creeping up (creeping up) Think your ready but i bet your not (bet your not) Gonna give you an electric shock. gonna hit you with a million watts MC:i'm gonna hit you full blow thats a fact I'm gonna get you with a full contact like a bat out of hell its a natural Fact, the mystery of mis-teeq be wary of that. The mystery is our disguse look deep into our eyes you'll find a big Suprise,theres no way out before sunrise And if you have any other plans forget about it now i'd be the movement in the night You never thought that real beings come alive But i proved that we can rock it frome the dark side And when i'm hungry it's time for me to take a bite For those who know but try not to believe I'm coming round the cornor dont stop or breathe Cos if i ever smell the blood running through your veins You'll never ever ever live to see another day You'd better believe Better believe You'd better believe