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Live It Up (The BossHoss)

I can't get enough. And I'm dreaming' of spreading my wings and fly into the sky. Into a new direction, in a pair of new shoes, I'll run like a fast-train to find my satisfaction. I want a new 'nothing' - and I'm happy to say! I wanna build up my castle and follow my way. Don't want no more lies, to keep me wpbeat, I don't wanna run, 'cause after rain will be sun... all right! I said, hey ho come on run, take the cake, before it's gone now hey ho, live it up for today! Hey hey hey-ho, now don't you run, no need to be No. 1, relax, hear what I say, you'll find you way, hey-ho anyway, now live it up for today-ho, Live It Up! Hey ho - Live It Up! My frame of mind, it's golden cage - looking so good, hey, but I need more space. I wanna break out, fly away, free my animal and let it play. Hey, I'm ok - with my peace of mind, my animal found it's 'one of a kind', I'm free in my world, like a fish in the sea, if it stays like this, then it's fine with me... all right!