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My Way (The BossHoss)

Back on my wheels, hittin' the pedal and I'm heading for the next level and I'm shifting gear, pump it through the steelheart, it's all right - for a little ride! Chrome girls on my mud-flaps, I got my blue slacks and my guitar in the back, well I'm the road-chief and I believe that I'm, I'm on a power ride! I'm a starlight junkie and I follow the beam I'm a proud dude and I feel like a king. I've got my mind made up, wanna ride my truck got a run of luck and there ain't no stop, 'cause HEY! I'm doin't it my way- I'm on a long way on the lonesome highway. YEAH! I'm doin' it my way - It's my way and I'm doin' it every day. I know it's a long way - but I must say, I don't care! HEY! My life is a highway - night or day - I'm doin' it My Way! Hey, that's what I want y'all! Wanna reach a new highlight- I'll never look back! Let me tell you my way is clear, I got a new life starting right here. To the max on the long track, I'm going hog-wild like a rip-tide. I'm on a revolution - that's my solution, pitch black night, yeah I follow the lights. I'm a diamond fellow and I follow my dream, a real gone daddy and I'm doin' my things! I've got my mind made up, it's me and my truck, got a run of lick and there ain't no stop, 'cause... My truck o' luck, here I go go - yeah down the road, turn on my turbo. My truck o' luck' s a crowd pleaser, hey folks, I'm the highway caesar! My trucks o' luck, here I come, that's sure where I belong! I' got the highway fever, yeah baby, I'm a true believer I'm a diamond daddy and it's time to shine, my damn good truck makes the world all mine! I've got my mind made up, yeah I wanna rock, got a run of luck and there ain't no stop...