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Embrace My Soul (Trax)

When a villages shadow shines in the rain When your long lashes curve gracefully as you sleep on this dreary morning Even in the neglected existence Ive half-heartedly lived It is only when your heartbeat becomes the pulse of my life That I am able to live through the day again We float side by side on the waves we imprinted on the sheets Leaving my clothes off, I pour coffee into a cup& Protect my soul with your embrace My heart was dyed and thrown away in the city, but the traces of those stains Are erased by your fingertips Protect my soul with your embrace I lived selfishly, caring only for myself and doing things my way But to be held against you& That passionate summer  white sand and your Kiss But even heat fades, and the only thing left in this clear autumn is our love When life gets tough, just the fact that youre beside me& If I have someone to share my pain with, its more than enough Protect my soul with your embrace Embrace me with your warm two hands Without any style, without any pretty packaging The real me is standing before you Protect my soul with your embrace Read my mind The words I cant say, the words I treasured Youre looking into my eyes now Forever, just like this moment