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It's A Monster (Trax)

One day… wicked smile Reflexion in the mirror. MONSTER of myself Hey cunning boy! Stop being such a goody-goody It's time to blow up your fuckin' rage Your life is sick & twisted Boiling blood is all dead & frosted Make yourself like a nuclear bomb Let me hear your dead blood shout! Let Me Know! Let Me Know!? More lies! Let Me Know! Don't be a fool Just do it as you feel What is your target? What is your reason? Find your emotion & speak out realism And that's fine, believing all the lies Cuz you're gonna fuck 'em back with cynical eyes Your life is full of ignorance Even if you're dead life still goes on Fuck all heroes & be a hero yourself Don't trust anybody, you know what I mean Yame wo daite fukaku saa, ochite Sokode kage ni ae rusa Go! I never had you in obsession You're just born with it, it is not a fuckin' option. You never had such an ego No more control of your mental & physical self Your life has been full of hatred You're not an angel or an innocent priest Don't wanna unveil your nasty face at all Then do as you like cuz I don't give a fuck Let Me Know! Let Me Know!? More lies! Let Me Know! Let me show you what you've got inside Let me tell you there's no place to hide…Fuck!! Hikari ubau yume ni saa, ochite Usoga subete haga reru Dare ga mieru Sorowa mou dare demo naikara Yokete iisa