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Charmed (Dynamite Boy)

What should I say To show you I felt the same What can I do to make you see the proof? Now all my angst Is gone and I give my thanks To whatever you see that brought you back to me And everyday looks bright Cuz now a familar sight is standing right next to me And I'm no longer sad You know that you drove me mad you are the one that I adore I never wanted you to leave The things I said I didn't mean I never told you so I never thought you'd go My life is meaningful again You're in my arms, you're my best friend I never told you though, I never thought you'd go What do I know Not much so I guess I'll go and pretend that everything is all okay what did I do when I left my heart with you and I never even asked to have it back chorus and I never want to do what you wanna do and I never wanna go where you wanna go and I never wanna see