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Lady (David Anthony)

It's the truth If you told me last year I'd be laid up like this man I would have never believed you Things are a lot different Seems like it was just a year ago I was talking sleek about girls About the little things they do to just piss me off, oh yeah I was better off alone I became numb and insensitive Started being bitter and cold Tuning in and listening to pimps on the radio and you know It started making sense to me But that's when I met my lady Woman came and changed the game Happy that I found my lady And my life would never be the same, oh yeah Wasn't even looking to fall in love Was the last thing on my mind Didn't see it coming till it already had me down Struck me blind I was on the verge of being through with the pain Didn't see a reason to try Couldn't understand what all these fools kept singing about Till I became one of them When I became your lady Everything started to change Happy I became your lady Life can never be the same That's when I found my lady And I've changed the way I think of things Happy that I found, happy that I found Nothing in the world can change the way I feel about you baby Feel so good baby, don't you ever go away