Love Is Not Enough (More Than Life)

Let me take away your bad dreams that hold you awake at night and kill the pains that fill your heart. Even through the worst, you still stand strong. The struggles that repeat themselves, you're in harm's way. After tragedy and illness, the hospitals and heartache. You always put on a brave face and promised me you will be okay. And I made a promise to you, death has to be so easy because this life is too hard. I'm not mentally strong enough to heal your scars. Let me be there by your side until the very end. Through the good and bad and through the worst times. You know you've got my heart. I'll never leave your side. For a moment I thought you'd gone. Sometimes love is not enough. When you're stripping yourself from the bottom of the barrel and ripping your soul apart. I can't stand to see my family end this way. I love you too much to see you end this way. Let me take away the pain that is dragging you down. Let me take away the illness that is dragging you down. Don't leave me now. Don't leave me here all alone.