Seasons Change (More Than Life)

Let's drive around town all through the night, watching the white lines pass us by. Let's talk about those sleepless night we had and when we used to feel more alive inside. And maybe it's not the first time you've been let down. And maybe this time could be your last. I know sometimes I can be selfish, can't help but notice the judging look you give me through your blinding eyes. So sick of staring through the windows of homes and hospitals, every street of every city somewhere, somehow reminds me of you. I can't even think straight and my heart still aches. It should be obvious what went wrong, obvious... but things just aren't the same. Even when you look into my eyes at night and when I hold you tight. Feelings change and even love can fade away. You only looked for the worst in me. You've become your own worst enemy. And yeah I feel it too. That sinking feeling in your gut that you just can't ignore anymore. It's like a guilt that's holding me behind closed bars. Like a stitch in your stomach that just won't let go. I get this itch under my skin that keeps me up all night. Sometimes it gets so bad. I even miss you when I sleep. Like a burden I hold onto and I can't let go. Have you ever felt like you've been betrayed by someone you would trust and hold onto through thick and thin? Don't hold your head in shame anymore, you're worth more than the pride you can't help but lose. Then this one is for you. Feelings change and even love can fade away.