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Alibis (Martika)

This has got to stop I am not gonna put up with this any more So tell me what's your excuse this time No never mind I don't wanna hear it So many times you pushed me aside I'm getting sick and tired of your alibis All alone sleepless nights Trying to pretend our love would be alright I could've changed my mind If you cared enough to just apologize But now it's much too late Your license to my heart has met it's expiration date Alibis Tell me no lies I don't wanna listen to the reasons why Alibis Don't act surprised When I walk away from you and All your alibis You gave to me a little teddy bear To keep me company the nights you were not there wanting to say baby please stay Now I don't wanna deal with all the games you play I gave you all I had But now I know that loving me was just a fad There's nothing more to take If love is just a test then you're my big mistake