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See If I Care (Martika)

You know I've been thinking What if I was your lover Could I make you shiver Every time you look at me Does your heart beat like thunder Just like mine Do you feel the energy My fantasy is you and me Looked inside a lovers' groove So don't be shy No other guy can get to me The way you do So touch me See if I care Hold me See if I care for you Kiss me See if I care ''cause I betcha I do Care about you See if I care And if we were together Would you put your arms around me Hold me oh so tight Would you love me forever Come on boy Only you can make it right You're so cool You won't break the rules But you don't have to keep your hands to yourself ''cause love is blind But if you read my mind then you would know The way I've always felt Don't you know what you do to me You're every girl's fantasy Move a little bit closer now Do I have to show you how Touch me hold me kiss me You're driving me crazy