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Lifeless Irony (Cynic)

Those cries, those lies That tell the truth Life's intention to open One's eyes and see it end Those tries to attempt To abuse and hinder minds Accusation for a crime That's left only justice to blame World's weak shelter There's no security How can I trust This world that's turned My life into an irony This worthless earth It's infidelity and treachery Unjustifiable way to Prove itself a failure Piece of mind, serenity Turns to insanity I've been created Into a person I Never thought could exist No need for thought It's just plain stupidity It's so unjust They've chosen me to die I ask why me False truth can't be World's proven itself To be nothing but misery My conscience Once clear and so free Has been incarcerated By our laws of inequality Not care, not fair, not free [lead: Paul] I've been threatened by my own Ability to live To end it all inside my head Is nothing much to give Immortal lies deface My sentence document I plead for understanding Of this life I resent Why... [lead: Paul] Why... Me... My liberty been taken away Laws lack of respect My trust a revolt or Mishap meant to be My mind corrupts for a lie Left only to infect My life's just a lifeless irony To end it all I've abandoned reality How can I trust This world that's turned My life into an irony