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Thinking Being (Cynic)

Coinage of my brain A bodiless creation ecstacy Madness counterpart visioning things I want to believe Idealistic cure Uneccessary to disclosure A wishing world making me Mad because of what I want To see in reality Time after time I keep Questioning myself but I can't understand why These truths, these lies These answers I can't find in me A constant fantasy This world in which I live in ecstacy An expression to neglection My oppression cause of a dream That's purely meant to be Thinking being Retraction of this thought Is so much pain I can't understand why Mind and body lie to me Why reality, I can't be sane Just supervene and Make this thought come true Naive understanding Precaution pessimistic with fear A weakness creating A fault in your mind That is so clear Morality preserved A creative confidence you Believe your own words Resulting in assumptions from Your thoughts creating a madness in me Time after time I keep Questioning myself But I cant understand these truths, these lies These answers keep fuckin' with me Using this part of my mind Helps me bring into being A thought that's meant to be It's something I feel Deep inside an inexorable Fate of what's supposed to be Meant to be I let my mind take it's Stroll through imagination I think to myself how can I Relate to this world That can't begin to understand Of how my mind is in demand This world it creates is so Truthfully innate It's authentic actuality Is something that's too good to be This thought is purely meant to be Thinking being Thinking being