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I Can Tell (Monifah)

Ah, oh He, heh you're not foolin' me Listen By the way you dress By the way you talk By the friends you keep That Benz you bought How you treat ya ex How you treat your child I peeped your style from half a mile Would you think of me? Sleep with someone else? Would ya take the time and protect yourself? Have you lied to her? Would ya lie to me? I can tell if it's meant to be [Chorus] I can tell when guys are all the same I can tell it when you're playing games I can tell what kind of guy you are I can tell it, I can tell it I can tell what you really want I can tell when it's all a front Gotta know before I go too far I can tell it, I can tell it Would you raise your hand? Would you raise your voice? Do you act brand new in front of your boys? Did you finish school or did you drop out? Have you opened up a bank account? Cause if I hang out at the end of the week Do I detect a jealuos streak? Do you go for self? Or you aim to please? Cause I can tell from what I see [Chorus] Boy I can see what you try to conceal And boy I can tell when you're keeping it real If I'm gonna love you I gotta see straight to your heart [Chorus until end]