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Peaches And Cream (Monifah)

Baby, you know what I want you to do I want you to take this one peach And put it inside me And taste it so I can cream Peaches and cream (Oh, like that) Oh, baby give me some (Wow) Peaches and cream (Light my body, baby) Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah (Yeah) I'm in the mood for something sweet and sensual (Touch me right there) Sticky love sensational Soul food sexual (Feed me baby) Baby, you know what it is And for real, I'm feeling it (Oh) I'm hungry for a great big piece of you (Oh) So now you know what to do (Yeah, give me some) Give me some [Chorus: x2] Peaches and cream Give that sugar sweet thing Splash it and spread it around Baby let your love rain down I can just taste it Cause you make it oh so sweet(So sweet) Feedin' my body and making me cream It's comin' down so you know I'm ready, baby As I bear the fruit for you in the garden Feel the moist petals against your skin (Taste me) Give me all you got I lick my lips cause I want to taste every drop Give me some [Chorus: x2] Let it rain Baby let your love rain down, down, down Let it rain Baby let your love rain down, down, down Let it rain, rain down, give it to me right now Let it rain, rain down, peaches and cream all over me