Sugarcane (Paw)

She calls it sugarcane And she says, and she says, "Oh, but it tastes the same, as Heaven", in her throat, as it drains Strips off, her knee high socks Plaid wool skirt, it won't hurt Spreads lipstick on her Full wide mouth North and south Painted nails Reach for a smoke And I have one more coke Wired, Catholic, all girls school You're so cool So bored, you know I'm not crazed And I'm not mad I'm just so sick Of watching pretty girls Doin' ugly things Pretty girls, ugly things 3 o'clock Girls come outta school St. Teresa is a nice place for you Get in the car and start to undress Your face is quite a pretty mess And I just take your hand "How are you today?" And I'm facin' what you say "Hi... Oh, I'm fine." "But I'd be just a little more..." "If I could get..." "Oh, can I get?" "What I need..." "Oh please, can I get..." "Just a little more?" Sarah You spilled the tequila You just laugh and say "It was all dead weight; won't get us straight" Mom and dad, away from home We're on their bed, between the mirror You just grin She calls it sugarcane