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Old Photographs (Trembling Blue Stars)

I fell in love with you Then I fell in love with, too Everything you'd ever done And old photographs They just made me love you more Now they have me longing for A place I'll never hear your name Your past as well as you Captured my heart, too Everyone you'd ever been On your way to me You I couldn't know enough about But your life now I'm hurt by the smallest detail I read words you wrote in a diary years ago That I loved because they were yours And they're now words that have me think "There she is" - that show me the you I miss Whose return I'm always waiting for I may not have changed as much But I'm not quite who I was when together we were For I can see I pushed for years I'm haunted now by every tear Every single tear I caused you For one thing I would chase you I'd chase you now I'd chase you now