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Saffron, Beautiful And Brown-eyed (Trembling Blue Stars)

Saffron, beautiful and brown-eyed Says she just needed time alone That she's sorry she worried him But she just didn't feel like calling Saffron, beautiful and brown-eyed Says look I want this to stop He's not happy he wants reasons Reasons she has got She says he tries to make her Things that she is not And how she has to keep things neat Though she may want To just mess them up How he's jealous and possessive That he keeps her in a prison How she has no separate life How he wants her to be a wife How she cares for him but Doesn't love him Cares for him but doesn't love him But doesn't love him Saffron, beautiful and brown-eyed Will later, later say how sometimes It's really easy to pretend things are fine When really things are not fine Saffron, beautiful and brown-eyed Soon after she will say how she tried Tried too hard to mean it How to mean it she was trying too hard Saffron