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Deliverance (Pantheist)

When I awoke, the sun was high and the clouds had accepted their defeat The lovely shores and the blue sky couldn’t tell me where I was I had to find out by myself Then I stood up and a gentle breeze graced my sun-burned, naked skin I collected fallen leaves to cover my fear and shame And I went to find out who I was I reached the hilltop under the rumbling thunder And as my eyes wandered over the fertile landscape I couldn’t understand what higher powers brought me here To this deserted isle so long undiscovered And suddenly I saw them: warriors from the Underworld charging my way On dark steeds, blowing their trumpets Declaring war to the intruder who invaded their island A fight ensued and wounded I fell to the ground My blood contaminating their soil Like poison it flowed, destroying their earth And as I fell to the ground and life-force was abandoning my cold body I heard the wind whisper: “For every precious gift there is a price to pay” When I was reborn I knew that the deserted isle was mine And as I looked inside my soul, the peace I needed I couldn’t find But I found the desire to embrace my inner world