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Don't Mourn (Pantheist)

Don't mourn now for your lost life and what did you do to deserve it? it was just a bitter gift Pull yourself together and with your last strength make a final prayer thank for the precious present... death The emptiness consumed your weary soul ate you from inside like a parasite But death came -like a prince on his white horse- and set you free with a last, sweet kiss Don't dwell now like a ghost around your dead body flee into infinity My God-forgotten love, finally we'll meet again when our both souls dissolve into infinity... death awaits No time to dwell in limbo... shadows are here to get you how they want to embrace you in their cold arms and drawn you in the pool of tears of those who suffered because of your sins Follow the right path which leads to the astral constellation where your soul enters the gate before the light dies away Save yourself from them the creatures without a shape have followed you in your last trip You are safe again you entered the portal their black arms couldn't get you Wait for me there as you sit motionless with you arms around your knees you are free now