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Unknown Land (Pantheist)

πατριδα μου ειναι η ψυχη μες στην ερημια μονος μου γυρνω ψαχνωντας να βρω τον χαμενο μου εαυτο... “Why is it that whenever words sweet like honey Linger at the tip of my tongue As I open my mouth, a song of joy to sing Voices of evil and discontent torture my poor mind?” The voice of reason: “I am the voice of reason, the one and only truth Your duties you will pay, there is no other way But treason beckons here, as you allowed in A very unwelcome guest who disturbed my rest No, I can not tolerate another presence here How can you feel the pain in my heart When you haven’t got one? How can you see how much I suffer When your eyes are shut?” The voice of irrationality: “I’m your redemption so you’d better listen: I am sick of your figures and your calculated risks I abhor your arrogance, when with zeal you project guilt Only where logic dies you can find true happiness So forget your dues and your duties, give your instincts free rein” The voice of Insanity: “In the land of the blind, I’m the one-eyed king While the two dogs fight for the same bone I’m seen running away with their meat I’m the voice of insanity, the genius of the universe” All: “ O can’t you see? I’m the only way, your sole purpose in life”