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Crazy Eddie (Skarhead)

Nuthouse - let's make a trip uptown, so later on we can all get down, we'll have happy faces on, no one will frown, act wild and crazy like a circus clown. In this little bag there's so much fun. In this little bag could be deadly as a gun. So let's make it up to 116 where everyone is shady and tries to scheme. Crazy Eddie - He's giving it away Making us - Mentally insane After our visit, we weren't the same. Shaun and Bundy were the ones to blame for letting that devil run though our veins, making Brooklyn and Queens completely insane. In the L.E.S - We were zombies. In the L.E.S. We were crawling on out knees. SO this goes out to angel dust 116 for not letting us know if it was reality or a dream