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Kings At Crime (Skarhead)

K.A.C. no competition, once again I'm on a motherf**kin mission. Killing and chilling, that's all we do Hardcore villains from the DMS Crew. Representing the borough of Queens, do what we have to, know what I mean. So when you see us coming you better watch your back, because the dogs of war are on the attack. K.A.C. - Losing our minds K.A.C. - Kings At Crime Look out jack, here comes the head crack, Busting out hammers from the knapsack. People like talking, but that's all they do. You know they are all in shock when they see our crew. So step back, you best relax. Been doing this for years, f**kin' new jacks. We are the niggaz, that started this trend, Down from the beginning, it will never end