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Rebirth (Skarhead)

My shining star, above so bright, soon begins to fade and then be light. So another day comes and goes reality hits but life's so cold. Keep on trying, treading in icy waters. The devils snow accumulates by the hour, your limbs are cramping, numbness sets in. The heart turns to ice, I just can't win. Edges of sanity whisper for me to comeback. Reality's grip - Rebirth Crushing my life - Rebirth Essence. Dreams of faith - Rebirth Shattered into - Rebirth Reflections of failure. Teardrops of - Rebirth Personal Hatred - Rebirth Shattered my joy. Reaching out - Rebirth To an infinite future - Rebirth Living a scarred Past. Satisfactional Peace - Rebirth Fulfilling my destiny - Rebirth. Total gratification to achieve limitless serenity. Happiness and love releasing all the pain in my life