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Yas (Skarhead)

You fucking scumbag, you piece of shit. Never trust a junkie, fake friendship. Gave you a life, I fulfilled your dreams. Bit the hand that fed you, you dope head fiend. Tattooed loser, nympho freak. Hooked on drugs seven days a week. No self pride, no place to go. Spineless jelly, achieve no goals. A born loser, out of luck, X communicated, a sitting duck. Can't be trusted, have no friends. It's too late to make amends. Torn apart, who's wrong? Who's right? Let the rat's squeal, keep them in sight. Truth prevails, lesson to be taught. Don't you wish you'd never been caught. Your a scumbag Fucking scumbag You're a sucker, a little bitch. Fake gangsta from the Ohio sticks. Harder I came, further you ran. Banned in N.Y., you call yourself a man. Call me up, copping pleas. Sucking mad dick, must be hard on your knees. Told you in the beginning, don't run your mouth. We are real, and that's what we're about, talk is cheap, nothing you could do. Played your state and where the fuck were you? Ain't no kid, take it like a man. No chance in winning, you'll die where you stand. No more chances, no more lies. Like in the beginning, your ass is mine