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A Bulletproof Revenge (School Boy Humor)

A song that makes you tremble a bulletproof revenge a box of notes and letters from a locked and loaded friend My chest is lined in anguish your voice is sounding sweet wear me like a prom dress I want to hear you scream "Damnit, this corset is killing me." Words to make you suffer for branding me to you time is telling secrets the things you always knew loving you was in vain a dreadful price to pay wear me like a prom dress, I want to hear you scream I wrote a thousand words that brought about your lust and now I tighten my grip upon your chest with this vengeful distrust (There's no trust) I hope you hear this and it takes away your breath like the lace that pulls the fabric. I hope it slowly leads to your death. I want you dead. (I'll hold you tight, like your corset on prom night)