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Behind The Mirrors (Illnath)

The mirrors, the mirrors That hides the hideous Me, the others Banned and forbidden From of your world Alone and cold Watching in silence So close, still aeons away. Touch the surface, cold and smooth You see me as I watch you. When you move, I move too, But is this you or me who moves? Who are you and who's the refl ection? Crush a crack, feel the connection I am you and we will win. Crush the mirror. Let me in! A little crack is all it takes. Drop the mirror, let it fall Because every time you smash a mirror, I steal a little piece of your soul The mirrors, the mirrors That are between us Me and you Separated, delirious You: beholder, Seeing. We Are watching, observing You still when you are not Touch the surface, cold and smooth You see me as I touch you... The borderline between me and you Is a vast prison for both of us two And you know what you must do To get us out of this celestial's zoo (Solo) Crush it, crack it, smash it to pieces Of your sick, pathetic world Little fragments of yourself and me. Flickering, see it twirl! Destroy the pure, transparent shroud Don't listen to your doubts Let it break, smash it now Let me in! Let me out! The mirrors, the mirrors / are locked like doors Me, alone / behind what's between us Hidden, unseen / admired and adored Aware, unknown / brinked with mistrust Watch the mirror, broken and scarred Seeing me as who you are Your eyes are mine, and I look at your hand... ...and I see blood.