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Frozen Constellations (Illnath)

Frozen constellations, now we are, Forever trapped by illusions of fate Arising from the ashes of fires, Burning low in the shadows of hate You and I, we are blinded by, Hatred flowing from years of denial As we cry, forever asking why, The blind is following others in vain Scorn these jubilations, by blinded ones, They are a picture of bruteness and pain Mourned by bygone years of exclusion, Are forever the loss of our sin Cursed, by shame and suffering Our lives are but a memory of reason Now it's time Time for us to come crashing, Down the broadening lanes of life Trailing froth and illusion, Showering others in the truth of their condemning lies You and they, shall forever pray, The common wish for a leader of man Now and then, changed forever when The old and powerful, slain was by man Flowing tears, showing the world All the pain and the fears The old is here, and this time There'll be no one spared Frozen constellations, now you are Forever trapped by delusions of pain Real life breaks again bringing foolishness You never know what tomorrow will bring