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She The Plague (Illnath)

She sweeps the doorstep, a well-used broom Bring diseases and plague, the ultimate doom By witchcraft of trolls she casts her spells With curses from heaven and blessing from hell With the unholy rain and the northern breeze She curses the land with her broom-sweeps of disease While beasts obey her commanding word She sweeps mankind from the face of the earth A damp air surround what's left A faint touch of decay A vast wreck yard is all that's left Ruins of yesterday Cultural monuments scattered Broken, crushed, betrayed As the survivors rise and start again Trying to find a way Plague! The devil is amongst us Plague! Demise! Plague! Run and hide the youngsters Plague! Sacrifice! "I'll kill you all as winter is coming and summer starts to crawl" She comes to town at the raven-dark night time When everyone lies restlessly inside Like a lonesome ghost she walks out there With red glowing eyes and pitch black hair Bubonic plague, we're rotting alive We are all bleeding so deep inside Run to the forest, hide in there Let not this demon come you near, my dear! And all that's left is ashes All that's left is dust But we rise and live again Because we know we must And all that's left is broken dreams All that's left is death But we rise and live again Living with every breath