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Sought By The Fallen One (Illnath)

A granted wish for a demon's kiss Drew lust for more and mental twists Across the simple minds of men And no one here was watching them As they broke into their certain doom By craving more that they deserved to So crowned and claimed by Satan's eye Is a book of truth that doesn't speak lies Written words in well-inked shapes In demon-blood as he rapes The book of destiny Claimed by the damned who wants To stain his soul, but more can't be For the one who seeks and will find me Sought by the fallen one Sought by the fallen one And I can never leave Forever bound in here An everlasting dream In an everlasting nightmare And even though I still Have my mortal soul to sell In here I've found My own personal hell Sought by the fallen one Recreating tortures down Inflicted deep by the foulest demons Children of the second son Sought by the fallen one Damnation for a battle one There's nowhere left to hide my guilt And nowhere left to run My confessions were to grave That no living priest was brave enough To hear my spoken word be said Corrupted by my pain Slowly driving me insane With oblivion due, I'd rather be dead Seraphims sing their hymns in disgust! "You cannot run from what isn't hunting", he said "It cannot kill what was never meant to be dead" Seraphims sing their hymns in disgust!