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Temporary Borders (Illnath)

Whispered words beneath the floating autumn leaves Flying softly on the southern breeze Fragments of light between the branches and trees I wish I would stay here forever The sun is sinking behind mountains of old Brushing faintly clouds of red and gold Night-time's flinging a vast veil of velvet across fields and forest Trespassing the havens of daylight's temporary borders. I knew my game could gain me but grief, the fairy tale was on though brief Trespassing the havens of secrecy's temporary borders. Scratching the surface of times seemingly forgotten Of you who once were mine betrothen Digging 'neath layers of emotions now rotten I feel myself slip away Nostalgic entertainment tingled by the past You were the one to be mine at last But now my memory's ever fading so fast Keeping emotions at bay Here I sit, and memories unfold My feelings are hollow, I'm feeling so old (Female) "I feel it fade away and cry tears in solitude" Trespassing the havens of night-time's temporary borders As shadows collapse in the mating of day and night, crows are circling in ominous flight Trespassing the havens of my own temporary borders (temporary borders) (Solo) I tried. I tried hard to believe Thinking of us has left me but grief I cannot look ahead, the past is all I see Moments together, but time's a thief Shadows recurring from times long since passed Our time and now in a perfect contrast (Female) "As I see you sitting by my grave I feel your presence, but can't say a word Your heart and love, patient and brave But my soul is too late for you to save" I am probably a fool still thinking of you Night after night. There's not much else I can do For neither myself nor you Maybe I should leave and never come back to this place. But I know too surely that I'm only fooling myself I'm only fooling myself