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Firm Family (The Firm)

A tale of two cities. Right here. It's time we set it straight connect with Dre the correct way Predicting platnum in less then a day So for that we amound us while y'all lackin' hope All I do is write raps stack relax and smoke Seeing my dreams come true stayin' humble in the eyes of others Politician with the wisest brothers It's Nature one of the greatest peep how I play this Straight from the Bridge one of your kids favorites From not till the day that I'm stiff fowl flagerant pay the rent Always stay swift, stuck in my ways type shovanistic Since a youth I had a thing for big jewels Flooded rings and older bitches holding my riches In lump sums for trust funds fully recoved thugs lust to bust guns While niggas get drunk beat wifes and cuss sons A slow process called life, let's show progress Don Cortes, white rags cherry bently Cop shines from Italy speak money language fluently Never fuck with the nastiest flashiest Bought a house as big as Scarface to show my happyness Rackin' the 6 0's for those that want to get personal to home Cock the heavy metal rollin' with my stones Prominent with flashy garments spread a mill small bills Bring a smile to an ill grill Popular loved throughout the industry If they sue light a philly cause the judge has gotta Free Willy Solute with chill Remy gently escort four ladies an arm The four caesers at he club Pentleys condo sweets I'm fancy 20 floors up overlookin' ladies boomerang they panties Bump the Firm Family's latest takin' trips to Las Dregas That's how we do it Aftermath incorperated C'mon c'mon c'mon c'mon it's the motherfuckin' Frim Family ooh Yeah, I better pinch myself to make sure I'm not dreaming Ooh cause the way you make me feel I feel like ooh screaming I spit rhymes for the radio and spit for tours Spend doe that I never thought I'd hold before Now if you just wanna front, you know my styles tight Niggas never should of plugged up the motherfuckin' mic Sippin' Tangeray 60 inch screen when we hang with Dre I just flew in from Queens no bag and plan to stay In the heat park this Royals Royce up in the beat Seeing topless bitches rollerblading in the street While I lounge in a jacousy sky cliff blue got the whole crew Nas, AZ, Nature, Foxy there too, how we do? Hit trees Cristal bottles, breeze tropical spread love till we wobble It's time to give let the kids live comfortable Anybody pumpin' between the East and West...fuck you Make moves political hit this revenue Set examples respect every individual