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Untouchable (The Firm)

Yeah, I'd like to welcome everybody that came I know that I woke y'all up early this mornin', but shit is real I need all y'all to come down so we can talk about these things that's going on man It's gettin' real Escobar, reportoire, that's my man Blowin' up how we expand Stack grands up, pack vans up, with wild cats Bustin' live gats Claimin' that you illa than me, now how's that In the Bridge hangin' wit the thug menaces Images of mad loot, and beatin' sentences Now we livin' large, remininscin' flippin' on prison guards Jumpin' in and out of different cars On a weekly, Benz or Mitsubishi Got the flip phone in the strip zone Satellite dish, 50 inch with the Knicks on Everday it's real in my life, you live in sitcoms Real Dons, bustin' out this hustlin' game with the name See it lights, bitch get it right Scorsese, capo, black Mercedes Miami in back, with the crack, the late 80's Brown Timbs, and thousands Now we on to some real doe How does it feel to count a mil? What you bug? Throw a party and show love to the same cats after your stacks who throw slug