Absorbing The Disarray (Visceral Bleeding)

Return exhausted to the furthest corners of existence Contemplating the actions executed Still no reaction, no mental spark Nothing ignites, nothing triggers the soul The only awakening drug is mayhem and chaos I reek of indifference Disillusioned by my perception There's no way back Spiralling down this horrid path with no return Absorbing the disarray Morbid attraction consumes my sanity as I'm feeding off the frenzy Red is all I see, black is all I feel Dreams and thoughts turn against me They seek the devastation of my mind to free themselves The ignorance possessed by me gnaws at my humanity Oblivious to this fact, hatred plants it's seed in me Inside I'm rotting, I'm slowly disappearing as my madness is spreading like ripples on water Everlasting inner battle between sane and insane Co-existence is not an option The eradication of one kills the other They churn and grind at eachother Causing lethal friction to close prey The rotten core of my inner self Screams and spits at all living matter Contradicts my own being Absorbing the disarray Gone seems all hope of recovery I'm engulfed in a vile mental world