Carved Down To The Bone (Visceral Bleeding)

Smashed up face, cracked bones, broken skull Carving deep into his body, digging for his dirty soul Through the tissue, slicing, hacking, vicious way to meet my goal Screaming out in agony, need the pleasure of his torture Impose this empty, naked feeling, purge my from my core Tiny piece of meat, carve from him Open up his bowel, sick amount of gore poured out Soaking my clothes, my face coloured red My intentions for this carcass is to stimulate my desire Carve..slice, bring myself to absolute sickness Smear myself with his blood, frenetic stabbing slicing and dicing Carve down to the bone, see how far I can push myself Violate and butcher, carving in my signature Hang his body up on meat hooks, let the metal pierce his skin Cut him up, obsessed by the cruelty, the cruelty that has filled my being Sweet taste of brutality, lurking in the shadows I am Patiently awating victim To mutilate Leaving a trail of ill-treated bodies Shallow graves with corpses that are carved down to the bone Carving deep into his body, a frenzy of self-hate exposed Through the tissue, slicing hacking Through the meat down to the bone