Exposive Surgery (Visceral Bleeding)

Sharpening up the axe Need to have it sharp and shiny Envisioning his death Absolute mayhem Gonna open up this bastard Invicerate his body Hold him down to the ground tie him up Anger rising So vicious is my being I cannot control my hatred Rip the clothing off his body Piece by piece I strip him naked He's gonna suffer explosive surgery Violently eviscerated Body pierced with sticks Nailed down to the ground Head cracked open by the stone Smashing, pounding His face unrecognizable due to the severe beating Cracking bones with every blow, I enjoy the slaughter Blood is pumping I stand and watch him spastic twitching It makes my juices flow I can't help but smile as I start separating skin from tissue I'm obsessed by the thought of removing every vital organ Leave him in a pool of blood The ribcage now I see Furiously I bend it open with my crowbar The bones are shattered I know this fucker is still breathing Suffering my treatment Working down in his bowels with my axe Slice in random This autopsy is for exposure Soon his body holds no organs Messy bloody pile of gore He's empty now my work is done He has suffered my explosive surgery