Indulge In Self-mutilation (Visceral Bleeding)

Exposing frenzy of self hatred sickened by, pure disgust My raging inner haunting me, torment, The voices speaking clearly, chanting, telling me to end this life Disfigure this abomination Deform this shell of abstract, repulsive living Inspect the tool of choice For mayhem eyeing up and down The razor blade... Lift my hand to use the blade to spoil this face, vandalize Rip and cut and mutilate, I will damage, leave no trace Of this hideous appearance Feel the razor, the cold steel on my skin, close my eyes, start to smile, It'll soon be gone Staggering the hate's evolving, transform into scorn, despise Feel it coming now, all the bottled up hate, this will soon be done, release my hate Let the razor taste my body, go deep Blade descending through the tissue, scratch bone, blood is pouring out Pierce my skin, hacking stabbing, slice my face up, furious rampage Slice my tongue, cut my lips off, indulging in self-mutilation Feeling dizzy now, from the massive bloodloss, this will soon be done, my hate released Razor has tasted my skin, gone deep, blade now has descent, scratched bone, blood has been poured out. On my chin the bone is totally exposed now, colored red Time to separate the nose, now the blood is pissing out The blade is separating tissue from my face, on my command